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Why elouise & ethel? 

I named it elouise & ethel because these were the two original badass, fearless women who led to my appearance on this earth and all of their badassery courses through my veins.  My grandmother Ethel launched her own Soda & Candy Shop in Brooklyn, NY in the 1960s during the height of the Civil Rights Movement when African-Americans began to open businesses and own their own communities. Elouise raised 9 children in Sheldon, South Carolina and countless grandchildren and great-grandchildren in New York City and beyond and continues to serve as the matriarch of our entire family 40 years after her death.


My vision for elouise & ethel is for it to be a destination for affirming and empowering experiences. The first step is to create a lifestyle brand – starting with a line of jewelry that would serve as a way for all the fierce women I know to wear small affirmations every day that remind them of their own personal strength and help them to galvanize their own personal power.  Each charm is a simple reminder that each of us has what it takes to crush the moment – whether it’s a presentation, an important learning moment with your child, the runway of life, the mid-terms or anything that you seek to accomplish. New collections will be launched throughout the year. To help support my objective to provide ‘affirmations you can wear’, I will be extending the support you can receive at elouise & ethel to comfort pillows, aromatherapy candles, mugs for your morning motivation and other special treats.

To become a part of the community of affirmations, follow us @eloiuseandethel